Why Social Media is Crucial to Your Small Business

We live in a digital era where social media lives to rule. Channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snap Chat are the buzz words of the day with most businesses having embraced the importance of social media for their brand.
But what are the real benefits of social media and is it crucial for small businesses?

Here is a list of ways that can help you improve your social media presence as a small business:

Target the Right Audience

Deciding who your target audience is will help you determine which social media channels you should be investing in. Is your audience young or old? Are they married or single? Do they have families? As well as specifying the age range, you can do the same with location, gender and personal interests that all aim to target the right fit for your product or company. Continually ask yourself if there are patterns in customers to your business. What motivates them to engage with your brand? How does your product or service help them?

Produce Relevant, Authentic & Original Content

Key to a successful social media presence is your content.  While stock images and memes may sometimes work, you cannot rely on them.  The message you convey should look and feel as authentic as your product and business. Brainstorm the personality of your brand and take snippets of your target audience to understand what is best to share with your followers. Remember that each social media platform has different strengths as well as different audiences, so tailoring your digital content for each is important too.

Producing content that is relevant, authentic and original is key to establishing your authority and to let your audience know how your business can help them.
Creating content shouldn’t feel time consuming. One way to combat this is by planning your calendar a month ahead of time. Get your whole team on board for ideas, more brains are better than one!

Remember: Over-Promotion Won’t Generate Sales

Authenticity to your audience means not making them feel like a dollar sign. They want to be treated as the valuable customers they are.  If every post is made to promote a product and get them to sign up to a deal, will deter them from returning to your social media channels and websites.
Providing your audience with engaging content is another key tip. This could include e-books,  how to guides and industry insights.  This will make them feel they are getting something of value with the hope of turning them from prospects into loyal customers.

Make Your Presence Known

Interacting consistently with your customers on social media can help make your small business feel more personable. Create posts that are conversational and include  open-ended questions and don’t give stock answers!

Social media is only one way to interact and communicate with your customers.  Ensure you include  several other avenues to generate buzz around your brand.

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