Digital Trends in 2019

We live in a digitally driven world. From the time we wake up till switch off time at night whether we like it or not we are digital driven. Whether you’re checking your email, reading a magazine or book or checking your social media feeds, you’re connected. Technology is everywhere and shows little sign of slowing down.  Here are some trends that will continue to make headlines in 2019.

Voice Search

Klick estimate that by 2020 30% of web browsing will be done without touching a screen and that 50% of voice searches will be done through voice commands.  The benefits to voice search is a no brainer.  You can multi-task more than ever using voice whilst driving, cooking or simply because you find it easier than typing.  AI is advancing the technology and apps like Google Assistant, Siri and Bixby are leading the way in this area.  Watch this space in 2019.

AI is here to stay

Whether you know it, like it or fear it, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.  Market research shows that AI combines technologies such as predictive analysis, machine learning and natural language processing. The growth is rapid and will continue in 2019. We are already engaging with AI even if you don’t realise it and marketers will take advantage of this and provide even better user experiences. (Think Facebook messenger)

Video Marketing

80% of all online content will be video in 2019 predicts Tubular. We all know that video delivers messages and is entertaining at the same time. Users like both aspects which is why it is so popular.  Take inbound marketing for example, video is a go to content strategy for drawing in potential customers. The benefits speak for themselves; video is a great concise way to distribute content to your audience, increase engagement and allow brands to share their story.  Don’t take our word for it, here are some video stats

  • 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video (Wyzowl)
  • 72% of businesses say that video has improved their conversion rate (Wyzowl) 

Content is still King

Having engaging and informative content beats advertising these days especially in light of fake news scandals from 2018.  Here are some interesting facts why content should be the bedrock of your digital marketing initiatives in 2019.

  • Consistent blogging and content creation increases your traffic five-fold
  • 80% of internet users still prefer good-quality original content over canned solutions
  • 85% of marketers in 2017 believe that their work succeeded because of good content
  • Visual content is expected to reign in the coming time more than blogs and articles

Technology is ever evolving and when we stop to think about the future of digital marketing trends, we can expect a lot of changes that will not only make our marketing initiatives easier but beneficial to your business as well.

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